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Marcatura CE di strutture metalliche: l’elenco dei prodotti esclusi


In questi primi mesi di obbligatorietà della Norma UNI EN 1090-1 sulla marcatura CE di strutture metalliche c’è parecchia confusione su cosa rientri nel campo di applicazione della norma.

Sul sito della Commissione europea dedicato all’industria delle costruzioni è apparso un elenco non esaustivo di prodotti che sicuramente non rientrano nel campo di applicazione della UNI EN 1090-1.

Marcatura CE di strutture metalliche, elenco (non esaustivo) di prodotti che non rientrano nel campo di applicazione della EN 1090:2009+A1:2011

The following list is a non-exhaustive list of items not covered by EN 1090:2009+A1:2011. It is limited to the items on which there is CEN consensus1:

– Aluminium and aluminium alloys – Structural products for construction works according to

EN 15088

– Bearings and steel components used in bearings according to EN 1337

– Blind rivets

– Cabinets for cables and power supply installations

– Cables, ropes and wires

– Castings

– Circulation fixtures except sign gantry and cantilevers

– Cladding kits according to ETAG 034

– Cold formed steel tubes according to EN 10219-1

– Components for suspended ceilings

– Curtain walling according to EN 13830

– Doors

– Expansion joints for road bridges according to ETAG 032

– External blinds according to EN 13561

– Non structural fences and railings

– Fasteners glued to wooden structure

– Fastening plates and other cast into concrete fasteners not covered by design codes

– Flagpoles

– Forgings

– Foundation bolts, column shoes

– Free-standing steel chimneys according to EN 13084-7

– Fully supported metal sheet for roofing, cladding and lining according to EN 14783

– Gates

– Hangers and brackets for masonry according to EN 845-1

– Hot finished steel tubes according to EN 10210-1

– Hot rolled steel flat products and sections according to EN 10025-1

– Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates – without fire resistance or smoke control according to EN 13241-1

– Lightning columns according to EN 40-5

– Lintels for masonry according to EN 845-2

– Masonry anchors according to EN 845-1

– Metal anchors for use in concrete according to ETAG 001

– Metal anchors for use in masonry according to ETAG 029

– Metal chimneys according to EN 1856-1

– Metal frame building kits according to ETAG 025

– Metal framing components for plasterboard according to EN 14195

– Metal liners according to EN 1856-2

– Noise barriers (except their steel frame components) according to EN 14388

– Non-pre-loadable bolts according to EN 15048

– Ornamentations

– Pedestrian door sets, industrial, commercial, garage doors and openable windows – Product standard, performance characteristics – Fire resistance and/or smoke control characteristics according prEN 16034

– Piles if non-fabricated

– Pipelines and pipes

– Powder actuated fasteners Prefabricated building units according to ETAG 023

– Prefabricated stair kits according to ETAG 008

– Prefabricated steel and stainless steel wire rope systems with end connectors

– Prefabricated tension rod systems with fork end connectors

– Pre-loadable bolts according to EN 14399-1

– Pressure vessels not incl. the supporting structure

– Rails or sleepers for railway systems

– Reinforcing steel for concrete or masonry

– Road parapets, crash barriers, crash cushions according to EN 1317-5

– Roof safety products incl. roof ladders and walkways

– Scaffoldings

– Sculptures (Metal Art)

– Self-drilling and self-tapping screws

– Self-supporting insulating panels (sandwich panels) according to EN 14509

– Self-supporting metal sheets for roofing, cladding and lining according to EN 14782 used in structural class III as defined in EN 1993-1-3 and EN 1999-1-4.

– Sheet piling according to prEN 10248-1 and prEN 10249-1

– Shutters according to EN 13659

– Stainless steel strip according to EN 10088-4

– Stainless steel bars, rods, wire, sections according to EN 10088-5

– Steel and aluminium components and elements produced on work site

– Steel and aluminium stairs, walkways and fences forming integral part of a machine

– Steel beams for composite steel concrete structures not covered by design codes

– Steel casting for structural use according to EN 10340

– Steels for quenching and tempering for construction purposes according to EN 10343

– Steel lintels according to EN 845-2

– Structural components for the moving parts of cranes

– Structural components for offshore structures

– Structural metal faced sandwich panels

– Tanks – Workshop fabricated steel tanks according to EN 12285-2

– Traditional craft type and non-structural components (e. g. blacksmith making weather cocks, letter boxes, bicycle racks, fences)

– Traffic sign supports according to EN 12899-1

– Timber connectors according to EN 14545

– Timber dowel–type fasteners according to EN 14592.

L’elenco è consultabile sul sito della Commissione europea.




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